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Year 8 Choices Evening on Thursday 3rd May 2018 6pm-8pm

Due to recent changes in the education system we have adapted our curriculum for Year 9 to ensure that all of our students can maximise their potential and get the best start in subjects they wish to study in Key Stage 4. This evening is vital for our Year 8 students in terms of subject choices for Year 9.

The evening will commence with a brief talk on the process on how to complete the form. Please be aware that due to Health and Safety guidelines we are subject to maximum numbers in the Hall, therefore the first talk will be at 6pm, with a second talk at 6.45pm. Following the talk, you will be given your son/daughter’s choices form and booklet. The evening allows you to speak with specialist staff, so that you can made an informed choice when selecting subjects for your son/daughter to study.


Completed choices forms should be returned to Mrs Bird by Thursday 10th May 2018.
Please return the reply slip below indicating your availability for the evening and ask your child to hand it in to Mrs Bird. Please send in a reply, even if it is to say you are unable to attend. If you have any questions about the choices process, please contact Mrs Joel either by email or by phone 01775 722484.