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The Spalding Guardian and Spalding Academy Hamper Campaign ​​​​​​​

The editor of the Spalding Guardian is coming to our school to collect hampers for the elderly and homeless in the area.

It would be fantastic if we could try and fill as many hampers as possible, but just one hamper will be greatly appreciated as it will make someone’s Christmas a happy one.

Please bring your filled hamper to Visitor Reception (East End) on the 20 December at 11am.

It has been suggested that it would be nice to do a staff hamper for the elderly and homeless, so if any staff would like to take part then they can kindly bring their donations to the main admin office.

Below is a list of suggested items to be placed in to the hampers;

Cans of soup; Biscuits; Crackers; Mince Pies; Sweets; Soap; Crisps; Chocolates.