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The School is closed today.Year 10 Parents Evening postponed. A decision about FRIDAY will be taken at 7.15am tomorrow.


Due to the snow / ice and the inaccessibility issues with some of the local roads and icy & hazardous conditions on school site, which will impact on travel to and from the academy for a large number of staff and students, we are regrettably taking the decision to CLOSE the school today.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused, but hope that you understand that we have not taken this decision without due consideration.
Tonight's Year 10 Parents Evening, is also postponed due to Adverse Weather Conditions
A decision about FRIDAY will be taken at 7.15am tomorrow.
General information about severe weather procedures
School Closures
We always plan to be open as normal, but will review the situation regularly.
Confirmation will be given at 7.15am each morning.
Decisions to close will be based on getting students and staff safely to  and from school, clearing the site and being able to staff lessons.  Many staff live considerable distances from the school and many on rural roads, which mean that localised conditions may have an impact, even if the situation is fine is Bourne.
In the event that we have to close the school, notification of the closure will be found in the following places.

The School Website and Facebook

If there is no message on the website the school will be open as normal.

Decisions about after-school clubs and evening events will be made at 1pm.


We thank you in advance for your understanding in how the school is dealing with the weather.