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You should be aiming for 100% attendance.

If you are not in school we cannot teach you.

You should aim to attend school every day.

If you are not at school you must have a good reason, e.g. illness.

We expect all students to have over 95% attendance by the end of the year.


If you are ill and will be absent from school, your parent/carer must contact the school on each and every morning of the absence, giving details of any illness or other circumstance.  Your parent/carer should contact the school on the main school number, 01775 722484 and either speak to our Attendance Officer or leave a message.  Your parent/carer should state your name and reason for absence. 

On return to school after absence you must bring an absence note to explain why you were not at school.  This must be signed by a parent/carer and should contain your name, class and the first day and last day of your absence.  Absence notes should be put in the mail box at Student Reception addressed to the Attendance Officer. 

Any absence will potentially damage your learning.  If you only attend 95% of the time you will miss:

  • One half day every other week.
  • 2 whole weeks in one school year.
  • One quarter year over 5 years in school.


Do you still think 95% attendance is a good figure?

Is your attendance rate affecting your performance in school?  The school will not authorise holiday during term time.  If you have any concerns regarding attendance you can talk to:


Mrs Hopps – Attendance Officer - 01775 722484


Medical Appointments

Whilst we understand that some medical and dental appointments are unavoidable, we would appreciate it if appointments could be scheduled after school or during the holidays.