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Friends of Spalding Academy

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Our Parent group was originally formed in 2013 by Lesa Jefferies who was very keen to establish a supportive parent group that raised funds for the school. She was quickly joined by Steve Haselgrove and Rachel Ashby (formally Delve). With the support of the then School Link Advisor Anthony Grunwell the group began to promote and organise fundraising events.  Mr Scott has encouraged our achievements to date and we know that there will be some challenging but exciting times ahead as the school continues to develop and thrive.

Aims and Achievements

We are a group governed by our Constitution, and guided by our Strategic Plan, and we aim to provide a supportive and effective parent group that works successfully with the school so not only can the students achieve their aspirations, but the school can provide an outstanding alternative to the grammar system for Spalding and its surroundings. At the Friends of Spalding Academy, we promote a set of ‘values’ which we passionately believe will support the children to develop and demonstrate the skills and attitudes that will enable them to contribute fully to modern life. The values guide our behaviour, helping us to make the right             choices and they enable us to support happily together. In unity we with support with: Confidence, Courage, Creativity, Commitment, Enthusiasm, Friendship, Happiness, Honesty, Kindness, Perseverance, Respect, Responsibility, and Tolerance.


Our fund raising has enabled us to provide the school with two life- saving defibrillators, award a Talented Student Bursary, and support the Rock Challenge Team.  We have received valuable and positive publicity from the local press for these achievements which has raised the profile of our group. Furthermore, we are developing fund raising means that will provide a source of regular income through Easyfundraising and the launch of a School Lottery.  The Lottery is successfully running nationally through P.T.A. U.K.  to whom we are affiliated. We are aiming to launch this later in the year.


Fund Raising and Community Support

Not only have we held some successful social events to raise funds for the students but also as a community group we are able to apply for funding available for community projects. Our secretary Rachel Ashby is currently receiving the support of Karen Johnson the Community Development Officer for South Holland District Council and David Fannin from Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Services to actively seek funding and support for our Woodland Peace Garden Project. The group also have the support of Springfield’s exhibition Centre through Andy Boyton and Inga Maxwell.  After a presentation in May made by Rachel Ashby to the South Holland Rotary Club, we have been delighted to receive their support not only for our Woodland Garden Project but also for our parent group.



Our group meets every 2nd Wednesday of the month. There is an Agenda which is followed and meetings are no longer than an hour. We aim to hold an Open Meeting once a year in accordance with guidance for community groups such as ourselves. We are also very aware that everyone is working as a volunteer and as such we are very appreciative of whatever time and support they are able to give us.

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