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Homework / Independent Learning

Independent Learning beyond the school day helps to develop many skills which will be important throughout life:

  • Organisation and planning  
  • Research
  • Prioritising
  • Learning      

It is a school policy that homework and independent learning tasks are set when appropriate.  You are expected to complete and hand in this work on the date specified.

  • You should write down all tasks you are given in your planner and when it is due in.
  • You may use the Learning Resource Centre to conduct research for homework tasks, or complete all or part of your homework.

Homework is set regularly in all subjects based upon curriculum time.  Ongoing coursework, controlled assessments and revision for exams have the same status as homework.


Curriculum Time


Homework Frequency


  • 2 / 4 lessons per week





Homework is set most weeks except when work is taken in for marking


  • 1 / 2 or 3 lessons per week

All other subjects

Homework is set on a fortnightly rota