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The name Johnson is linked to the local hospital coming from Elizabeth Ann Johnson who stated in her will that her money was to be used to build a hospital for the people of Spalding town and surrounding villages.



The Dragon on the McLaren house logo is there to empower students to be competitively spirited towards their goals. The poppies on the logo symbolise unity and the ability to persevere after one has been defeated, remembering mistakes to allow us to reach a better result.



Spalding is the heart of South Holland and has traditional links to the wider area. Fifty years of tulip parades and the growth of the food industry have attracted a diverse community.   South Holland is the home of people from many different backgrounds; to them, South Holland is their home, their work and their roots.



“You need to be able to influence young people and help them make the right decisions. We need to be filling young people with confidence and telling them that they shouldn’t let anyone tell them they shouldn’t be aspiring to something, they should all reach for the stars.” says Tim Peake (British astronaut).




Trinity stands for a group of 3 things. Our school mission is to Aspire, Challenge and Achieve, and our house strives to live up to that mission statement. We aspire to be the best house and understand that by challenging ourselves we will achieve great things.



The word Nova can be defined as ‘a star showing a sudden increase in brightness’ and that is what we expect of every Nova house student.