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Illness and Accidents

If you are ill or have an accident at school, tell your teacher in the first instance.  They will refer you to the first aiders. If necessary, your family will be contacted and asked to collect you. You must not make your own arrangements – the school staff will do it for you.


If you have to bring tablets/medicine into school they must be in a bottle clearly labelled with your name and the name of the tablets and dosage and should be handed in to reception from where you can collect them at the relevant time.  You should only bring enough for one day.  No tablets, including paracetamol can be issued without written permission from Parent/Carer.


You must carry your inhaler with you at all times.  We are not allowed to let you borrow them.  Please put your name and form clearly on each container.  Always carry a spare.


Epipens to be retained by the student at all times.