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School Code of Conduct

Students at Spalding Academy are expected to:

1. Arrive at lessons:

  1. Smartly dressed in the correct uniform
  2. On time
  3. With the necessary equipment including planner and strike card.

2. Remove all outdoor clothing before entering the building.

3. Show respect for property and surroundings and refrain from dropping litter.

4. Remember that eating during lessons or in the corridors is forbidden.

5. Remember that chewing gum is not allowed on the school site.

6. Conduct yourselves around the buildings:

  1. In a considerate and safe manner
  2. Remaining in the appropriate area of the school
  3. Following the one-way system.

7. Arrive at school punctually for both sessions and leave the school site promptly and in an orderly manner, wearing the correct uniform.

8. Communicate with others politely, using acceptable language and co-operate with prefects and staff in carrying out their duties. 



The following are not allowed in school:

  • Illegal drugs or legal drugs used inappropriately.
  • Offensive weapons.
  • Replica weapons.
  • Any articles deemed offensive and dangerous.
  • Aerosols, matches, lighters, cigarettes, e-cigarettes/vaporizers, tobacco, chemicals, solvents, alcohol and pornographic materials.
  • Misuse or attempted misuse of ICT equipment.