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Year 10 Physics Unit 5 - Forces

Everyone knows that forces can speed things up or slow them down.  In this unit students will review thier understanding of forces from KS3 before then applying this knowledge to new and unfamiliar situations.  They will look at how changing  the resultant force will alter the motion of a vehicle and how this can be represented using distance-time graphs.  They will learn how to calculate acceleration and how to explain what forces are acting when objects are moving in a circle.   Students will be given the opportunity to apply thier learning to everyday life when they investigate factors that affect stopping distances in cars and the dangers associated with large decelerations.

Most people think that speed and velocity are the same thing - they aren't.  Students will look at how these two measurements differ and learn how to describe a moving object using the equations for uniform motion.  Another common misconception is addressed and students will look at how mass and weight are different to each other.