AR Book Finder

The website below will tell you whether a book has a quiz and, if it does, what level it is.

Once you have selected parent or pupil from the homepage and clicked submit you will be taken to a quick search page. You can search by quiz number, title or author!

Search by the quiz number: If your book is from the school library the quiz number is on a sticker inside the front cover or on the back of the book.

Search using the book title: If there is no quiz available based on searching the title, try the subtitle e.g. Tom Gates books often don’t appear if you put Tom Gates at start but if you use the subtitle e.g. ‘Excellent Excuses’ the quiz will appear.

Search using the author’s name: If you still can’t find a quiz, search the author’s full name. All the books they have written that have quizzes will appear and you can then search through the results. The results are organised alphabetically and can often have more than one page of results. 

If you still can’t find a quiz for that book it may be that that there isn’t a quiz available (not all books have quizzes) – speak to Mrs Plant in the Library and she will double check for you.

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