Christmas hampers donated to local care home and foodbank

Christmas hampers donated to local care home and foodbank

All of the students at Spalding Academy have joined together to give their season’s greetings by creating Christmas hampers for residents at the Glenholme Halmer Court Care Home and people in need at the Agape Care Foodbank in Spalding.

On Thursday 15th December 2022, Mr Bamber, Miss Fuller and Miss Pearce from Spalding Academy delivered over 50 Christmas hampers in this annual tradition for the school where students in every form donate an item into a Christmas hamper.

Every form in the school created their very own Christmas hamper, which they decorated in their very own Christmas theme and every student then donated an item to put in the hamper. The range of items donated included chocolates, biscuits, tea bags, coffee, hot chocolate, marmalade, jam, tinned food, toiletries, socks and festive items.

When all of these small items come together in one hamper – it becomes a very generous and appreciated gift at a time of year when some people may be lonely or in need.

Glenholme Halmer Court Care Home do an amazing job providing support for people living with dementia and other related illnesses, and residents who require permanent or respite care in a residential setting. It can be a very difficult time for many residents at the Glenholme Halmer Court Care Home who may have limited contact with family or friends over the festive period so this act of kindness is much appreciated.

With the cost of living crisis making it harder for people, the Agape Care Foodbank need even more donations at this time a year. The foodbank is run by volunteers and supports people due to a variety of factors such as homelessness, unemployment, low income, domestic violence and sickness. They rely on the generosity of donations from the public and businesses and were very grateful for wide variety of hampers provided.

Thank you to all of the students, families and staff who generously donated to this worthwhile initiative to spread some festive cheer.

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