The Curriculum


All students have talents, gifts and abilities which are diverse in nature. We are therefore committed to ensuring that our curriculum is broad, rich and balanced in order that the needs of all students are met. All subjects are equally valued, including the Arts and Vocational courses – students will not be encouraged to pursue a narrow range of subjects when it is not in their best interests. The range of subjects for all students, from Year 7 to Year 11 is appropriate to both age and ability so that all students have the opportunity to learn and make progress to effectively prepare for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of British society whether that is in higher education, vocational training or a career.

Aims of the Curriculum
  • To ensure our students experience a curriculum that gives them the best opportunities in later life and is underpinned by our belief in the limitless potential of our students;
  • To provide a rigorous academic curriculum that is challenging, enriching and accessible to all, whilst offering an equally challenging vocational opportunities for students whom these are best suited;
  • To differentiate our curriculum in appropriate pathways for specific cohorts of students.
  • To provide continuity and progression between the key stages, using assessment intelligently and to inform learning, and not solely as a tool for summative judgment;
  • To provide a coherent programme of personal, health, social and economic education that ensures our students become confident citizens;
  • To build students’ self-esteem and develop confident, reflective and independent learners.
  • To provide expert, up-to-date careers guidance that is presented impartially and gives our students access to the best information available to schools;
  • To promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs (paying particular regard to the Equalities Act, 2010);
  • To ensure that students are best prepared for national examinations and the increasing academic demands of terminal examinations;
  • To maintain the highest standards of literacy and numeracy across the curriculum so that students have essential skills for life.
Curriculum Content and Structure​

The school operates a 25 period week with 5 lessons of 1 hour per day. In addition to this there is a tutor period of 25 minutes per day in which students may study SMSC, Love of Reading or have extra support in particular subjects. There is also a 10 registration period at the start of each day.

On entry to the school students are placed into academic groups based upon Key Stage 2 results. After approximately 5 weeks all students are re-grouped based on Key Stage 2, CATs and baseline assessments in English and Maths. Students are grouped into one of three academic ‘bands’. Within each band they may be in different teaching groups for English, Maths and Science dependent upon their individual academic strengths.

Curriculum – Year 7 & 8

In Years 7 and 8 students follow a common curriculum comprising of English, Maths, Science, Geography, History, Art, Drama, Music, RE, PE, PSHE and DT. Students in A and B band also study a foreign language while students in C band receive extra support in Maths and English.

PSHE is also delivered during specific whole day events.

Curriculum – Year 9​

In Year 9 students follow a ‘Choices’ programme. They are not yet making their choices for Key Stage 4 (GCSE’s and BTEC examinations), but it does allow students to spend more time studying the subjects which they may choose to continue with or want to have experience of before making a choice.

All students study a common core of Maths, English, Science, and PE. They also choose at least two subjects from Geography, History and MFL. In addition students choose 3 further subjects to study from a wide range of choices including: PE (theory), Food Technology, IT, Drama, Music, RE, Art, Textiles, Media, Health & Social Care and Business Studies.

In addition all students study SMSC through the extended tutor periods and whole day events.

Curriculum – Year 10 & 11​

At Key Stage 4 all students study a core programme of English, Maths, Science and PE. In addition they must choose at least one of Geography, History or MFL.

Students then select a further three subjects from Art, Business Studies, Food Tech, Health & Social Care, IT, Sports Studies, Drama, RE, Psychology, Sociology, Music, Travel & Tourism, Media and Textiles.

SMSC is again studied through the extended tutor periods and whole day events.

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