Election Results

Election Result

On Monday the students in each form were given the opportunity to register to vote. Upon registering the students received their Poll Cards, which they had to keep safe for voting day on Wednesday.

On Tuesday the students were able to hear the Manifesto’s of each of the four parties (Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat and Green), discuss what they had heard and then sent home to ponder.

On Wednesday the students returned, with their Poll Cards, and the elected Registrar’s and Polling Officer ran their polling stations (form rooms). Poll Cards were checked, against the electoral register, and Ballot Papers issued for the students to then vote.
The results were the published in Thursday’s tutor time. The results for each Constituency (House) were revealed and then the overall SA result. Talk on the gate continued as students discussed the result.

There was a real buzz about SA during this week of Election Fever. The students learnt a little bit about the process and about each of the main political parties. Debates were heard in yards and in form rooms, with some students having quite strong views.
A fabulous week of politics at Spalding Academy.

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