Evolve Concert

Evolve Concert

Since September these year 9 students have been planning, rehearsing and promoting their own musical showcase that took place at the South Holland Centre on Wednesday the 27th Nov.

The showcase, hosted by Alexandra and Izzy, was designed and planned to promote what the new music department had been able to achieve in it’s first year at Spalding Academy. There was a range of musical numbers from solos, small band numbers and large scale ensemble pieces to show the amazing levels of skills, talent and diversity that our year 9 musicians have.

For many this was the first time performing to a live audience. What better way to do this than by diving in at the deep end and performing on a professional stage, at a highly respectable music venue, supported by fully professional in-house lighting and sound crews.

The Spalding Academy musicians performed exceptionally and showed great levels of musicianship, professionalism and above all passion for the subject that they have chosen to pursue this year.

The audience was made up of our current year 7 and 8 musicians and were inspired at the opportunities that they will have when pursuing studies in music in year 9 and beyond.

The show could not have taken place without the amazing support and expert knowledge of Mr Spires and the EVOLVE team Kate Newman and Brooke Peverell.

I look forward to seeing what takes place with the EVOLVE project next year, developing a collaborative relationship with the management of the South Holland Centre and being able to provide more exciting opportunities such as this to our young aspiring musicians.

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