Gymnasts reach new heights in the Superzone Trampoline Competition

Gymnasts reach new heights in the Superzone Trampoline Competition

Congratulations to the team of gymnasts from Spalding Academy who were awarded first place in the South Lincolnshire Superzone Trampoline Competition.

On Thursday 17th November 2022, we took eleven students from Year 9, Year 10 and Year 11 to Bourne Academy to complete against other schools in the local area.

The Superzone competition is a team sport where the top five scores were then added together to make an overall team total. The highest scores from Spalding Academy were from Lily Kelk, Olivia Mohale, Katie Langford, Lily Allen and Margarita Zukovska – they scored an incredible 309.9 winning by nearly two whole marks.

A special mention goes to Lily Kelk who came 3rd overall and was only beaten by two girls who were in the Elite category!

Miss Emma Ringrose, Teacher of PE at Spalding Academy said “Well done to all of the competitors who took part. I received many comments on how professional Spalding Academy looked as they arrived in their matching leotards and scrunchies. The behaviour from the whole team was exceptional and they were a real credit to the school.”

The results were as follows:

NOVICE CATEGORY (out of 30 competitors)

  • 1st – Lily Kelk
  • 2nd – Olivia Mohale
  • 3rd – Katie Langford
  • =4th – Lily Allen
  • =4th – Margarita
  • Zukovska
  • 7th – Nicole Kosinska
  • 8th – Amelia Wywrot
  • 10th – Annie Carter
  • 15th – Wiktoria Chmielewska
  • 16th – Lillie Smith

ADVANCED CATEGORY (out of 18 competitors)

  • 5th – Danielle Dixey
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