House Competition

Term 1 - House Competition

Key Stage Three students completed the ‘Summer Selfie Challenge’. This involved creating an account of their summer activities that could include holidays, exhibition and museum visits, cooking, growing plants, hobbies and book reviews. We had some fantastic entries and wish we could share them all but the finalists and winner are:

1st – Hannah Broughton  –  Holland House

2nd – Ethan Clarke  –  Trinity House

3rd – Darcie Dickinson  –  Peake House

4th – Emily Watson  –  Nova House


Key Stage 4 during SMSC sessions, students have been looking at Mental Health. Throughout the term they have been learning about different conditions, coping strategies and where to get help should they need it. This has been really insightful for students and has created meaningful discussions and debates during form time. 

The competition for Term One linked with this topic and asked students to create an information leaflet or poster designed to give students advice about Mental Health issues. All entries were thoughtful and informative showing a deep understanding that these issues can have on our school community. The finalists and winners are listed below. 

1st – Oliwia Okopska  –  Nova House

2nd – Rebecca Bembridge  –  Peake House

3nd – Vesta Lukaite  –  Johnson House

4th – Catherine Sheard  –  Trinity House


 The winners all received the following prizes.

1st – 100 points

2nd – 50 points

3rd – 25 points

They also got  a certificate and money on their canteen card. £3 for finalists and £5 for winners.

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