School field trips resume with Geography visit to Lincoln

School field trips resume with Geography visit to Lincoln

The first school field trip of the year took place this term as our year 10 students had the opportunity to visit the historic city of Lincoln as part of their Geography GCSE studies.

It was an early start for the students and staff who were all excited as this annual event could take place again in 2021.

The trip plays a key part of the Geography curriculum as students research the differences between the old and new parts of Lincoln such a Lincoln Cathedral and the Brayford Waterfront.

It is so important that students can use theory and research in real life experiences especially as students will use information collated for their exams in year 11.

Sarah Collinson, SLAT Director of Humanities said “It has been truly fantastic to get the Year 10 geographers out doing fieldwork again after the disruption of the pandemic, as it really brings to life the concepts students learn in the classroom. The topic they were investigating in Lincoln was urban regeneration, with the specific aim of comparing how well three distinct areas of the city (Brayford Waterfront, the historic Cathedral district and the high street) have been regenerated.

Students worked in small groups to carry out several data collection methods. These included environmental quality surveys, pedestrian counts, public questionnaires and land use surveys. Many students were initially quite nervous about asking members of the public questions about their reasons for visiting Lincoln, but I was incredibly impressed with their level of maturity and willingness to give it a go. In fact, a number of people who were questioned commented on how polite and well-mannered our students were. We were also given feedback from members of the public on how smart the students looked in their school uniform.

Now back in school, students will be processing the data collected in Lincoln to analyse the results and determine whether or not their hypothesis can be proved. In their paper 3 exam at the end of year 11, students will be asked questions on their fieldwork enquiry, so the work undertaken in Lincoln and subsequently back in the classroom is extremely valuable.”

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