Inspiring future change-makers with UK Parliament Week

Inspiring future change-makers with UK Parliament Week

Throughout the year, Spalding Academy delivers a PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic) programme covering a diverse range of educational themes and activities.

Last week it was the turn of UK Parliament Week, which is a national event designed to empower young people with the knowledge and hands-on experience they need to get involved with UK Parliament and democracy both now and in the future.

To develop students’ knowledge of what Parliament is and what it does, we covered the importance of democracy, current issues that may affect young people, all of the main political parties, what is a general election and how the voting system works.

As young people are the future change-makers, we hope that the week has inspired our students to get more involved in politics in the future.

Mrs Sharleen Hirst, SLAT Director for PSHE/SMSC said “During the week, students really embraced the theme by discussing what issues really mattered to them. We ensured that students are aware of the different political parties and how the parties promise to solve key issues. This all culminated in them participating in a mock election, so they understand how everyone has a voice.”

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