PLAYBILL is a musical hit with with two sell out performances

PLAYBILL is a musical hit with with two sell out performances

The audience could feel the energy coming from the stage at Spalding Academy on Thursday and Friday last week when PLAYBILL was performed to two SELL OUT performances by an outstanding cast of 90 students.

It was a fantastic feeling to have live theatre back at the school and especially when it was so well supported by families and the local community with 400 people filling up the hall.

Directed by Miss Freddie Clarke and Miss Rachel France, PLAYBILL featured a showcase of the very best in acting, song and dance from the stage and screen. There was something for all ages to enjoy with scenes from Shrek, Oliver, Matilda, Blood Brothers, The Addams Family, Billy Elliot and Les Misérables plus many others.

The students and staff working behind the scenes helped ensure that there was a seamless transition from scene-to-scene and the standard of every act can only be described as ‘first class’ with captivating stage presence plus perfect choreography and delivery, which was complemented by our incredible band.

Mrs Jemma Curson, Head of School said We are incredibly proud of all our students, who took part in this year’s production of ‘PLAYBILL’. During the performances, students staff and families were beaming with joy, excitement, and pride.  It was amazing to see our students back on the stage, singing and dancing, with our live music band too. Well done to all the cast!

Miss Freddie Clarke, Head of Performing Arts said “Theatre at Spalding Academy is definitely back with a bang and what a pleasure it has been to direct PLAYBILL 2022. The cast never cease to amaze me, with over 90 students involved in the production, on and off stage and those playing in our incredible live band. I am extremely grateful to those who dedicated so much of their own time to help put together such a fabulous show. We are so lucky have such talented students at Spalding Academy and are very excited to start working on the next production. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff that supported and worked on the show, from our Music Department, technical team, chaperones and front of house volunteers – you have been amazing.”

A special thank you goes to Miss Rachel France who has been with Spalding Academy for the past six years and this was her last performance with the school. We all would to wish her the very best in her new position after all of the hard work and dedication she has given Spalding Academy.

The Performing Arts and Music departments are currently the planning for our next show and will announce more information soon.

  • Miss Frederica Clarke, Director and Producer
  • Miss Rachel France, Director
  • Miss Jess Forbes, Show support
  • Mr Stephen Barrett, Musical Director
  • Miss Lillianna Armstrong, Vocal Coach and Specialist
  • Miss Danielle Fuller, Technical Manager
  • Mr Harry Higgins, Technical Team and SND
  • Mr Paul Shepheard, Assistant Stage Manager
  • Mrs Helen Graves, Stage Manager and Assistant Director
  • Mr Andrew Dadswell, Assistant Stage Manager and Voice Over
  • Mrs Lisa Murray, Cast and Support Crew
  • Mr Stephen Barrett, Band Lead
  • Miss Lillianna Armstrong, Keys
  • Miss V Kilby, Keys
  • Lily Cutler, Bass
  • Neo Geyer, Drums
  • Natalia Orlowskyj, Ukulele and Percussion
  • Dani White, Guitar
  • Rosalka Chauhan, Props and Costume
  • Diana Pukne, Props and Costume
  • Kriss Narvils, Stage Crew
  • Hollie Phillpott, Stage Crew Lead
  • Eddy Sawer, Technical Assistant
  • Gabriel Aquino, Stage Crew
  • Jake Ream, Stage Crew
  • Lewis Arnold-Smith
  • Tilly Asplen
  • Amy Beeson
  • Oli Billinghurst
  • Klaudija Bledyte
  • Emily Boyd
  • Max Cadiu
  • Liam Clarke
  • Alexis Dakteris
  • Henry Delay
  • James Dodds
  • Sam Ford
  • Aston Grooby
  • Daisy Holmes
  • Savannah Hughes
  • Vicky Kutten-Jackson
  • Lilly-Anna Mallen-Wallace
  • Imogen Mercer
  • Ruby Mycock
  • Ben Patman
  • Tom Pite
  • Modestas Repeika
  • Sophie Sraczynska
  • Becky Shepherd
  • Ellie Smith
  • Emily Taylor
  • Grace Walters
  • Lucy Wilson
  • Kodie Worth
  • Emily Ball
  • Megan Beeson
  • Karolis Bledis
  • Alex Bloodworth
  • Grace Booth
  • Lana-Beth Bradley
  • Alfie Briggs
  • Molly Charleston Stokes
  • Kristofers Da Silva
  • Darcie Dickinson
  • Shannon Gay
  • Jessica Gildon
  • Sophie Harris
  • Jessica Hope
  • Jaydon Hume
  • Maja Jakimiec
  • Joanna Jalal
  • Vytaute Kesarauskaite
  • Marisa Kieviets
  • Olivija Kubiliute
  • Sofia Larsson
  • Nadia Lukaszuk
  • Sienna Moon
  • Elliot Naish
  • Gabriel Nowicki
  • Honor Pearson
  • Tally Philpott
  • Diana Pukne
  • Ruta Puskovaite
  • Gabrielius Repinskas
  • Isabelle Rogers
  • Alina Rutkovska
  • Jagoda Sadowska
  • Alina Savelijeva
  • Niamh Shlackman
  • Lily Ann Tyrell
  • Karly Warren
  • Emily Watson
  • Emily Young
  • Samanta Zdaneviciute
  • Tilly Asplen
  • Maja Jakimiec
  • Joanna Jalal
  • Marisa Kieviets
  • Ruby Mycock
  • Ruta Puskovaite
  • Gabrielius Repinskas
  • Isabelle Rogers
  • Niamh Shlackman
  • Lucy Wilson
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