PPE mock exam results helps prepare Year 11 for the summer

PPE mock exam results helps prepare Year 11 for the summer

We like to ensure that our Year 11 students are fully prepared when it comes to their exams. Last Thursday, we held a PPE mock exam results day so students could gain the experience of opening their envelopes with all their subject results on.

The results that students received from the mock exams will give an indication of the results they are currently expected to get so students can plan where to focus their studies and what intervention they need to attend to improve so they are ready for the summer.

In the following terms there are additional revision sessions for Year 11 available during lunchtime and after-school with details on the link below. The school are also planning additional days of study during the school holidays (these details will be confirmed before each school holiday).

Our Year 11 Parents Evening will be taking place online this week on Thursday 26th January 2023. We encourage all parents to participate so they can speak to teachers about student progress, the interventions that could benefit them and how parents can support students. Please ensure that you have booked your online appointments in advance.

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