Prom Wardrobe initiative seeks donations of prom dresses and suits

Prom Wardrobe initiative seeks donations of prom dresses and suits

Mihaela Lammin (left) and Natasha Ward (right) with some of the items of clothing already donated

The Year 11 Prom is an important milestone for our students as it is a memorable event to celebrate their achievements before they leave school and go off to Sixth Form or College.

At Spalding Academy, we work extremely hard to make the Prom as affordable as possible so everyone has the opportunity to attend. One of the costs involved with going to a Prom is obviously looking your best and that often requires buying a suit or dress for the first time.

This is why Natasha Ward, a Year Lead at Spalding Academy came up with the fantastic initiative of the ‘Prom Wardrobe’ so students can borrow the clothing for the Prom for no cost and they can then be used for students for the following years as well.

Staff at the school have already started making generous donations and we know the students would be so grateful if parents of all years at the school can also help contribute.

We will require items of suits, prom dresses and shoes in various sizes including items such as bow ties and prom accessories. The school can arrange the cleaning of items as long as they are in good condition.

Although the Year 11 Prom will not be taking place until the end of the summer term, we want our students to have the time to prepare and the peace of mind that they have their suit or dress before they take their exams in the summer.

If you have any suitable items of clothing, these can be taken to the main reception at Spalding Academy or if you need to arrange collection, you can email

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