‘Shocking’ STEM roadshow inspires careers in engineering

'Shocking' STEM roadshow inspires careers in engineering

To inspire students to explore the careers available to them in engineering, our Year 8 students literally ‘lit up’ as they experienced a ‘shocking’ STEM roadshow on the theme of electricity.

For engineers, electricity plays a vital role in developing everything we require for today and in the future, whether it is powering cars, producing food or lighting up your home. As we strive to become net-zero, the demand for renewable energy and more efficient ways of creating and storing electricity will become even more vital.

In this educational and entertaining roadshow, delivered by the Education Programme at BAE Systems, Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force, our students learnt how electricity is made, how it works, the importance of conductors and insulators and why it is important to the world.

There were opportunities for students (and staff) to get involved in the presentation by taking part in quizzes and breath-taking challenges such as creating electrical circuits, lighting up a windmill using an exercise bike and a hair-raising Van Der Graff Generator experiment.

This science roadshow was organised by our Careers Team to help inspire our students to take an interest in jobs relating to Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM).

Thank you to Sophie, Rob and Fran who are STEM Ambassadors from the BAE Systems Education Programme for visiting Spalding Academy to give our students an insight into the importance of electricity.

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