Show My Homework

Show My Homework

You may have seen that I took the opportunity in the October newsletter, to share with parents that we will be launching a new online system called Show My Homework.

This will allow all students and parents / carers to view their child’s homework online, including through a very well-developed app.

This new system was introduced to staff on the training day this week and students will start using this resource around week three of this term.

Following this, towards the end of term, login details will be issued to all parents / carers of current students in readiness for a January 2020 full launch. 

We are changing the way in which parents are able to view their children’s progress, behaviour and attendance data online and this new parent system will replace any previous online systems such as Ruler. Although some parents may be wary about the introduction of this new product you need not worry.  I fully sympathise with the frustration felt by many parents with our previous system, Ruler and we have needed to respond to the considerable complaints and concerns over how difficult this system was to access and navigate.

We have now carried out extensive research so that we are confident with this new resource Show My Homework is a leading product, with the company Satchel working with over 1600 schools, including many in this local area.

The leadership team and staff are looking forward to the positive impact that Show My Homework will bring and you can access further information about Show My Homework via our website, where there is an icon that will take you to the information page. 

I felt it important to share the information about this new development again with all parents / carers before we introduce it to the students in the next few weeks.

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