The BBC are looking for Young Reporters to tell their story

The BBC are looking for Young Reporters to tell their story

Have you got a story to tell about your life or the world you live in? Is there something you are passionate about or an issue or experience that has impacted you or your community?

There is an amazing opportunity to do this as the BBC are running a ‘Young Reporter Competition’ where they are looking for young people to work with teams like Newsround, BBC Breakfast or The One Show. Then with the help of BBC journalists and programme-makers your story could be produced for TV, radio, online or on social media.

The theme for entries is simply: Me and My World. You do not have to produce the finished report, but the BBC are wanting young people to submit the outline of an original story idea as a written description or audio or video clip.

Previous winners of the competition have reported on topics including the positive impact of volunteering, stammering, exam policy issues, the lack of diversity in gaming characters and experiencing early menopause.

If you want to be a journalist, writer, film-maker, vlogger or work in social media then this is a great opportunity to get your foot on the ladder. How amazing would it be to say you worked with the BBC to produce your story?

The competition is open to all students aged 11-18 with two age categories: 11-15 and 16-18. You can enter individually or as a group and the closing date for entries is Sunday 27th March 2022.

Everyone has a story to share, so for more information about the competition, visit

Click the image below to watch a video with highlights from the BBC Young Reporter Competition 2021.

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