Top Accelerated Readers in each House are rewarded

Top Accelerated Readers in each House are rewarded

One of the fantastic literacy initiatives we have to encourage students to engage with reading is our Accelerated Reader programme.

This is where our Year 7 and 8 students have time during their afternoon registration to read their chosen books, which can then be carried on as home learning. They can then use the Accelerated Reader portal to check their targets, progress towards their targets and take quizzes.

It has been really encouraging to see how this has helped developed all of our students, which is why we like to reward students in each House for their efforts and enthusiasm with their reading.

Congratulations to the following students who are our top readers and have been rewarded with Love2Shop gift vouchers.


  • 429,515 words – Ben Robinson (Peake House)
  • 413,685 words – Alexis Dakteris (Johnson House)
  • 283,327 words – Natalia Antonescu (Holland House)
  • 222,357 words – Jacob Herman (McLaren House)
  • 197,115 words – Marcin Koscielniak (Nova House)
  • 107,672 words – Ellie-Louise Quincey (Trinity House)
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