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South Lincolnshire Academies Trust has over 550 teaching and support staff working in the four schools (Bourne Academy, Spalding Academy, Giles Academy and Cowley Academy) that make up our highly successful Trust.

There has never been a better time to become part of our team with the rapid growth of the schools, where student numbers are increasing due to local demand and there is an expansion in our curriculum and facilities.

We pride ourselves on creating an environment that benefits from high staff retention as we offer realistic routes for progression for both teaching and support staff. We nurture and reward our staff and will help you develop and succeed.

Our Trust ethos is Aspire, Challenge, Achieve and this is embedded in everything we do for our students and staff. This common goal reflects why our schools are so popular as our students and staff work towards the same objectives.

Not only are we successful, but the working environment is a rewarding and enjoyable place to be.

SLAT Recruitment Roadshows

In February 2024, we are holding a series of SLAT Recruitment Roadshow events in our schools where we would like to meet prospective staff who are interested in discovering more about the teaching and support roles we have. By attending, you will have the chance to make a positive impression and get a head start in working for our highly successful Trust to progress your career.

Click the links below to discover the latest vacancies and how you can start your journey with us by joining our Trust.

Reasons to join our Trust

There are many reasons why staff choose to work for our Trust. These are just some of the reasons why…

All schools have exceptional pastoral support and student behaviour where there is a strong culture of respect between staff and students. When you visit any of our schools, it is immediately noticeable how well-behaved and respectful our students are, which creates an enjoyable and pleasant environment to work and teach in.

Our non-selective mixed schools are incredibly successful with all four of our schools outperforming their local grammar schools (based on Progress 8 scores in 2023). Bourne Academy and Spalding Academy are in the top 5% of schools nationally and consistently in the top four schools in Lincolnshire. Giles Academy and Cowley Academy are also the top performing secondary schools in the Boston area. Click here to see for an overview of our schools and see how successful they are.

All four of our schools are oversubscribed for Year 7 places. The SLAT Sixth Form at Bourne Academy continues to grow year-on-year with over half of students choosing to apply from other secondary schools.

The vast majority of staff choose to send their child to a Trust school as they recognise the high quality of education their child will receive. Our admission policy gives preference to children of staff members employed by the school over children for whom the school is the closest to their home address.

Our Trust has four schools all within close proximity of each other that provides our staff creating fantastic opportunities for career progression. We are committed to investing and developing our staff.

The Trust supports a variety of routes to get into teaching working with local training providers to support this. We recognise potential and are always keen to talk to prospective applicants as we will invest in staff. A great route into teaching, can be starting as a Teaching Assistant as many staff in the Trust have been able to quickly progress this way.

We offer both teaching and support staff a competitive pay package. Salaries are linked to Lincolnshire County Council pay scales where there is an annual percentage pay increase as well as annual performance related increments. All staff can benefit from joining the pension scheme with employer contributions. For staff who travel between schools, they can claim for mileage. Teachers and TAs can receive additional TLR (Teaching Learning Responsibility) payments. Some staff can also receive additional payments for extra duties at school.

We are committed to the wellbeing of our staff. By working for a Trust where schools are within close proximity from each other, subjects and departments work in partnership with each to share resources and best-practice. The teaching allocation is under the national recommendation with no more than 21 hours per week (with a reduced allocation for staff with extra responsibilities). We are always mindful on keeping meetings to a minimum and have introduced online alternatives (such as for parents’ evenings). Click here for further information about our Staff Wellbeing initiative and the many ways we help staff maintain a work-life balance.

We have a reputation of recognising achievements and rewarding our students and staff. These range from free gym use on the school site to free sweet treats, breakfasts and main meals at various times throughout the academic year. Our Trust has a ‘family’ feel where all staff are valued. Staff can get to know each other at staff social events and our visible leadership team will always take the time to simply say “thank you”. Click here to see our Staff Wellbeing initiative to discover how we support and reward our staff.

The location of our schools means they are easily commutable. From the map you can see how most staff can benefit from driving in the opposite direction of busy commuter traffic. Staff benefit from free car parking on the school site.

What our staff say about working for the Trust

Providing regular communication and giving every member of staff a voice has ensured that everyone knows they are valued. We share the successes in every school across the Trust together and everyone plays an important role in these successes.

There is a real focus on staff wellbeing and reducing workload.

I feel respected by the students.

SLAT and the behaviour team are very supportive. When they pop into lessons with a positive comment it makes you feel valued.

Leadership are supportive and approachable.

Communication of the school’s achievements and future succession planning is great. It’s nice to feel included in the Trust’s progress.

Class sizes are small and students are eager learners.

I can teach in my classroom rather than deal with behaviour and I feel confident that behaviour issues are dealt with well.

I have a life! My previous school was over the top with regards to marking, which had a massive impact on work-life balance. It is worlds apart here – thank you!

I am supported by the teaching and learning training provided, which is made simple.

The students take pride in their work and the school.

The ‘family’ ethos and ‘buzz’ is felt in all schools.

The Trust vision is clearly communicated.

The canteen food is amazing with a real focus on healthy lifestyles.

In our latest staff survey, 97% of staff said they feel the Trust is well led and managed. We were also overwhelmed that 99% of our teachers are proud to be a member of the Trust and 99% of all staff feel that students are safe at the school. Across all of the schools, 98% of staff also felt that their school challenges students to make good progress.

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