Where else in school could you make fireworks or a pumpkin vomit?

Where else in school could you make fireworks or a pumpkin vomit?

Our students love staying behind after-school, especially when there are amazing extra-curricular clubs like the Science Club to choose from. Every Thursday after-school our Year 7 and 8 students enjoy heading to room G17 after the final bell and getting an extra dose of their favourite subject.

This popular club run is by Miss Davis and Mrs Clark where they focus on a different experiment each week using many items you could find in the home. The aim of the club is make science fun and engaging as well as create a passion for this fascinating subject to inspiring future scientists. The sessions that have a seasonal theme are always a special treat.

For Halloween, students created spooky looking pumpkins with intricate carvings and then made the pumpkin vomit by using vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to create an acid-base neutralisation reaction with stomach-wrenching results!

Then to discover why fireworks glow different colours, students (under strict supervision) were able to make their own sparklers using different iron and magnesium powders. They were able to experiment with various metal salts and learn which burn bright red, green, blue or orange.

The Science Club have plenty of special experiments planned throughout the academic year, so if students are interested in joining the club, they should speak to Miss Davis and Mrs Clark.

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During lunchtimes and after school there is a wide range of extra-curricular clubs and activities ranging from sports to a variety of subject related sessions. The full timetable is available on the link below and is shared with students via the Show My Homework app.

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