Amelia returns to former primary school to coach hockey team

Amelia returns to former primary school to coach hockey team

Amelia Norey in Year 11 has been putting her Sports Leader qualification to excellent use as she has been running hockey coaching for Year 5 and Year 6 students at her former primary school.

The opportunity came about when Amelia was watching her younger brother in Year 6 play hockey at St Norbert’s Catholic Primary School in Spalding. Amelia could spot where the team could improve as they had potential, but not getting the best results at the time. After offering some feedback during games, the school were keen for Amelia to become their hockey coach!

Since starting the coaching in November last year, the team has seen a significant improvement in their results as they are now more tactical in how they approach games as well as being able to demonstrate their improved skills with the hockey stick.

The Sports Leaders qualification, which Amelia completed in Year 10 has given her the confidence and skills to run coaching sessions for the pupils. During the after-school sessions, Amelia run drills for both the Year 5 and Year 6 students at the same time and is able to give individual tips. Every week she creates a different coaching plan, where the primary pupils can influence what is covered so they can improve elements of their game.

Amelia was able to bring her vast experience of playing hockey to the coaching sessions as she first started playing aged 6 and she is now a regular in the Ladies First Team at Long Sutton Hockey Team, where she is one of the youngest players in the squad.

Amelia is doing an amazing job in coaching the pupils who may soon become new students at Spalding Academy in Year 7 and will be inspired to join the school hockey team.

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