School Transformation Plan

School Transformation Plan

Our school Transformation Plan (STP) will focus on all of the target areas identified in the STP, but we see three of our greatest challenges for 2019/20 as being:

• Independent Learning: Continue to improve the opportunities and quality of independent study work to ensure it offers all students an appropriate level of challenge.

• Literacy Skills: Due to the context of the school, to continue to improve students’ extended writing skills, to equip them better to more successfully complete long answer questions and to encourage our learners to be articulate in a range of contexts, by being encouraged to constantly develop a wider vocabulary acquisition, supported by reading widely.

• Student Wellbeing: Continue to recognise the need for high focus on the mental health and wellbeing of our learners in order that they can ‘do their best’ and have aspiration for their future, whilst growing up in the increasingly challenging and complex world of being a young person in modern Britain.

In addition:

• Scrutiny of departments via Deep Dives to encourage an improvement in results.

• Develop and train staff appropriate to individual career stages and to encourage greater depth in key whole school areas and to support succession planning.

See more information in our 2019/20 Transformation Plan:

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