Special Educational Needs

Bourne Academy follows the SEN Code of Practice and aims to enable-

• All students to have access to a broad and balanced curriculum;
• Student’s needs to be identified and assessed;
• Educational provision for each student to match their needs;
• Students’ views and wishes to be considered;
• Careful recording of the student’s needs, progress and outcome of interventions to be kept accurately.

The Academy works in partnership with the local authority and all professionals to support all students and enable each student to achieve their potential both academically and with their social and emotional development.
We strive to promote individual confidence and positive attitudes and enable every student to experience success. We regard every student as having individual needs and each student will have an equal opportunity to work to their full potential so that they will learn to appreciate and value their own strengths. We aim to ensure that each student feels equally valued within the Trust community.
In our ambition to provide an outstanding standard of education for our students with SEN, we are constantly reviewing our practice and working with other professionals to actively seek out the latest research and our SENCO is a member of the Lincolnshire SEND Steering Group.

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