Who’s Who

Who's Who

Lucy Conley


Elizabeth Dyer

Executive Deputy Headteacher
Teaching, Learning & Standards

James Hind

Executive Deputy Headteacher
Teaching & Learning

Brett Sinclair

Executive Deputy Headteacher
Behavioural Standards

Tom Martin

Executive Deputy Headteacher
Assessment & Data

Karen Joel

Executive Deputy Headteacher

Caroline Alker

Assistant Headteacher

Kath Kilby

Assistant Headteacher

All Staff - Spalding Academy

ABRAHAM, MichalTeacher of Maths
AIREY, StuartTeacher of PE
ALKER, CarolineAssistant Headteacher – Communications
ALLEN, NicholaTeacher of English (ECT) 
ANDREW, DebbieUniform Shop Coordinator
ARGYROU, StefanoTeacher of Maths (ECT)
ARMSTRONG, LilliannaTeacher of Music (ECT)
BAKER, WillTeacher of Geography (ECT)
BAMBER, ChrisTeacher of PE / Director of KS4
BAMBER, LindsayTeacher of Art & Design (Director Staff Development & Workforce Reform)
BARBER, LibbyCareers & Student Progression Manager
BARRETT, StephenHead of Department – Music
BARZYCKI, SusanSenior Science Technician
BAXTER, NicolaInstructor – Art
BEESTON, BethTeaching Assistant
BERRY, CharlotteSafeguarding Support Officer
BERRY, TraceyHR Manager / Headteacher’s PA
BILLINGHURST, IanAssistant Headteacher
BOWLER, RachelTeacher of Geography (ECT)
BRADLEY, JordanTeaching Assistant
BRAND, NicolaTeaching Assistant
BREED, CassieTeaching Assistant
BROOKS, ClaireTeaching Assistant
BROWN, MichaelTeacher – English
BRYANT, ZoeHead of Department – Food Technology
BURLEY, MandyMidday Supervisory Assistant
BURSEY, TonyCatering Manager
BURTON, AlexHead of Department – Art
CARESS, SharonYear Lead (Yr 10)
CARTER, JaneDesign Technology Technician
CEPELAK, GerryTeacher of Maths
CHAPMAN, CarrieTeacher of English
CLACK, JamesTeacher of Art & Design
CLARK, KarlieTeacher of Science
CLARKE, FreddieHead of Department – Performing Arts
CLAY, RachelTeacher of RE
CLEMENT, Ann-MarieTeacher of Modern Foreign Languages
CLIFTON, JudithTeaching Assistant
CONLEY, LucySLAT Executive Headteacher
COOK, BenTeaching Assistant
COOK, RobertAssistant Site Officer
COUSINS, DawnYear Lead (Yr 7)
CUMBER, PerryTeaching Assistant
DARLEY, GaryAssistant Site Officer
DENNIS, StephanieHead of Department – History
DITCHBURN, JayneYear Lead (Yr 8)
DONALDSON, LauraTeacher of PE (2nd in Department)
DUGGAN, MichaelHead of Department – PE
DYER, ElizabethSLAT Executive Deputy Headteacher – Vocational Lead – Wellbeing / Appraisal / Learning / Govs
ESHELBY, SallySLAT Director of Finance
FAVELL, GilesTeacher of PE
FENWICK, BenTeacher of English
FISHER, AngelaCatering Assistant
FISHER, JacquelineTeaching Assistant
FITZGIBBON, NikkiTeacher of English
FLINT, AlexInstructor – English
FLINT, RosieTeacher of Science (ECT)
FORBES, JessicaTeacher of History / Head of House (KS4 responsibility)
FOVARGUE, KimReception / Administrator
FRANCE, RachelTeacher of Drama / Head of House
FULLER, DanielleTeacher of Science / Head of House
FULLER, LouiseTeacher of Design Technology
GARBUTT, CarolineExams / Operations Support
GOODGE, MairTeacher of Maths (with responsibility)
GRANT, SamCareers & Aspirations Coordinator
GRATTON, BetsyTeaching Assistant / KS4 Intervention
GRATTON, LinseyCatering Assistant
GREEN, AndreaTeaching Assistant
GREEN, JoshTeacher of IT
HAYMES, AnitaInstructor – Maths
HAYTER, RichardHead of Department – Business
HEMINGWAY, NicolaTeacher of Maths / Head of Year / Director of KS2-3 Transition
HERRING, EmmaTeaching Assistant / Administrator
HERRING, SusanAdmin Assistant
HIBBERT, RichardPremises Assistant
HIND, JamesSLAT Executive Deputy Headteacher – Teaching & Learning / KS4 Lead / QA / Careers
HISEE, AudreyCatering Assistant – 2IC
HOLLAND, SarahTeaching Assistant
HORNER, MattInstructor – Performing Arts
HUDZ, NikitaTeaching Assistant
HUNTSMAN, StuartTeacher of English
HUTTON, JillTeaching Assistant
JOEL, KarenSLAT Executive Deputy Headteacher – Trust SENco
KEAL, PeterTeacher of Maths (with responsibility) / Head of House
KILBY, KathAssistant Headteacher
KIRBY, SamTeacher of History (KS3 responsibility)
KNELLER, SaraInstructor Literacy
LAMMIN, MihaelaYear Lead (Yr 11)
LANE, CharlotteIT Technician
LAWE, EmmaTeacher of Science
LEGGOTT, MartinSLAT Director of IT Infrastructure
LEWIS, HelenSLAT Director of Operations – Health & Safety Officer
LOASBY, JodiTeaching Assistant
LOVERIDGE, RebeccaTeaching Assistant
LOWETH, LizTeaching Assistant
MARKS, NicolaAttendance & Admissions Officer
MARSHALL, AmyeTeacher of Geography
MARTIN, TomSLAT Executive Deputy Headteacher – Achievement / Data / Timetable / Curriculum / Tracking
MISQUITTA, WillisTeacher of Science (with responsibility)
MOORE, KayTeaching Assistant / SS2
MOORE, MelissaTeacher of Science (with responsibility) / Head of House
MOORE, SarahTeacher of Science
MOORFOOT, JamieTeacher of Humanities
MUGONDA, AndrewTeacher of Maths
MURRAY, LisaCover Coordinator
MURRAY, LisaInstructor – H&SC
NEWTON, SamuelTeaching Assistant
NHERERA, SimbaTeacher of Maths
NIBLOCK, JoannaExam Access / SEND / Administrator
NICOLL, RhianTeacher of English
NUMA, EileenTeacher of Maths
OSBORN, LynneTeacher of Computer Science
PAPANICOLOAU, SharonMedical First Aid Assistant
PEARCE, JessicaTeacher of PE / Head of House
PLANT, WendyTeaching Assistant
PURDY, JaniceFinance Administrator
RINGROSE, EmmaTeacher of PE
ROFFE, AlexSLAT Deputy Director of Operations
ROGERS, AvrilLearning Resource Administrator
RYAN, MichelleSenior Administrator Safeguarding
SAINES, NikkiTeacher of Health & Social Care / PSHE / PE
SHARPE, MaxineAdmissions Administrator
SHAW, LyndsayTeacher of Food Technology (ECT)
SHEPHERD, LauraTeacher of Drama (Pupil Premium Lead)
SHEPHERD, PaulTeacher of Geography (DoE Lead)
SINCLAIR, BrettSLAT Executive Deputy Headteacher – Behaviour & Safety – Pastoral / Safeguarding / KS2-3 Lead
SMITH, MichelleTeacher – Director of HUB
SPIRES, JackInstructor – Music
STAFFUZZA, DanielaInstructor – Lead of EAL
TAYLOR, ShayneSRU Manager
TEIXEIRA, HollyTeacher of English (with responsibility)
TOWN, SharonArt Technician
TOWNSEND, AlishaCatering Assistant
TRAIN, NaomiTeacher of Science
WARD, NatashaYear Lead (Yr 9)
WATERS, TraceyCatering Assistant
WATT, PennyHead of Department – RE
WEEKES, VanessaSLAT Director of Human Resources
WELLER, CaroleAssistant Science Technician
WESTLEY, MeganTeaching Assistant
WHITE, DebraHead of Department – Health & Social Care
WILMORE, NealTeacher of Geography (responsibility for T&T)
WOODS, MarieManager SEND
WORRELL, CatTeacher of English
WRIGHT, GaryTeacher of Art

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