Who's Who

Leadership Team

Mrs Lucy ConleySLAT Chief Executive Officer
Mrs Jemma CursonHead of School / SLAT Associate Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Governance / Leadership Development / Teaching & Learning)
Miss Elizabeth DyerSLAT Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Personnel / CPD / Vocational Education)
Mr James HindSLAT Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Teaching & Learning / Careers / KS4 & KS5)
Mr Tom MartinSLAT Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Curriculum / Data / Timetable)
Mr Brett SinclairSLAT Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Behaviour / Pastoral / Safeguarding)
Mrs Karen JoelTrust Head SEND
Dr Kryi ChrysostomouTrust Executive Education Director (Exams Lead / Curriculum / Stakeholder Feedback)
Mrs Kath KilbyTrust Executive Education Director (Partnerships / Staff Welfare / Disadvantaged / Maths / Teaching & Learning)
Mrs Daisy BlandTrust Executive Education Director (ECT & ITT Lead / Communication / English / Teaching & Learning)
Mrs Stacey DyerTrust Executive Education Director (Vocational Curriculum / Teaching & Learning Vocational)
Mrs Samantha PellTrust Executive Education Director (KS3 Transition Lead / ECT & ITT Support Lead)
Mr Chris WrightTrust Executive Education Director (Behaviour / Pastoral / Safeguarding)
For details of the South Lincolnshire Academies Trust Leadership Team, visit www.slat.org.uk/whos-who

Teaching staff

Mrs Emily WilsonPartnership Lead and Head of Department – Art & Design
Miss Nicola BaxterTeacher of Art & Design
Mr James ClackTeacher of Art & Design
Miss Nikki GutteridgeTeacher of Art & Design
Miss Danielle BenbowTeacher of Technology
Mrs Sharon TownArt Technician
Mrs Stacey DyerPartnership Lead – Business Studies / Trust Executive Education Director
Mrs Paula HoughHead of Department – Business Studies
Mrs Kelly TizzanoTeacher of Business Studies
Mrs Antoaneta MoorfootPartnership Lead – Computer Science
Mrs Stephanie MellorHead of Department – Computer Science
Dr Kryiacos ChrysostomouTeacher of Computer Science / Trust Executive Education Director
Mrs Lynne OsbornTeacher of Computer Science
Mrs Elaine BoothPartnership Lead – English
Miss Carrie ChapmanHead of Department – English
Mr Michael BrownTeacher of English
Mrs Nicola FitzgibbonTeacher of English (with responsibility)
Mr Stuart HuntsmanTeacher of English
Mr Colin KellyTeacher of English / Head of Johnson House (Orange)
Miss Toni-Marie MacDonnellTeacher of English
Miss Bethany NealTeacher of English
Miss Rhian NicollTeacher of English
Mr Milan SavaraTeacher of English
Mrs Holly TeixeiraTeacher of English (with responsibility)
Mrs Cat WorrallTeacher of English
Mrs Sara KnellerEnglish Instructor
Mrs Kirsty Roche Partnership Lead – Food Preparation & Nutrition
Miss Danielle Benbow Teacher of Food Preparation & Nutrition
Mrs Sarah CollinsonTrust Associate Education Director (Humanities: Geography)
Mrs Amye MarshallJoint Head of Department – Geography
Miss Chelsea WilshireJoint Head of Department – Geography
Mrs Rachel BowlerTeacher of Geography
Mr Martin JollyTeacher of Geography
Mr Jamie MoorfootTeacher of Geography / Lead Professional Tutor
Mrs Joanna MaddisonPartnership Lead – Travel & Tourism
Mrs Caroline WalkerHead of Department – Travel & Tourism
Miss Sally WetherillPartnership Lead – Health & Social Care / Lead Professional Tutor
Ms Debra WhiteHead of Department – Health & Social Care
Mr Tom LittleTrust Associate Education Director (Humanities: History & RE)
Mrs Stephanie DennisHead of Department – History
Miss Ashleigh ChamberlainTeacher of History
Mr Ian DavisonTeacher of History
Miss Rebecca NewtonTeacher of History
Mr Thomas WoodTeacher of History
Mrs Kath KilbyPartnership Lead – Mathematics / Trust Executive Education Director
Mrs Nicola HemingwayHead of Department – Mathematics
Mr Michal AbrahamTeacher of Mathematics
Mr Chris BamberTeacher of Mathematics / Trust Associate Education Director (Tracking, Intervention & Progress)
Miss Georgia GoldspinkTeacher of Mathematics
Mrs Mair GoodgeTeacher of Mathematics (with responsibility)
Mr Sam HarbyTeacher of Mathematics
Mr Isaac MarsdenTeacher of Mathematics
Mr Zak MuntonTeacher of Mathematics and PE
Mr Liam OliverTeacher of Mathematics / Head of Holland House (Yellow)
Miss C WhelbournTeacher of Mathematics
Mrs Anita HaymesInstructor – Mathematics
Mrs Britte CairnsTrust Associate Education Director (Modern Foreign Languages)
Miss Nisha HamdouniHead of Department – Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs Annabelle BeavisTeacher of Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs Ann-Marie ClementTeacher of Modern Foreign Languages
Mr Alan WoodTrust Associate Education Director (Performance & Creative Arts)
Mr Stephen BarrettHead of Department – Music
Miss Freddie ClarkeHead of Department – Performing Arts
Miss Lillianna ArmstrongTeacher of Music
Mr Matt HornerTeacher of Performing Arts / Head of Trinity House (Green)
Miss Emily SandersonTeacher of Music
Mr Tom LittleTrust Associate Education Director (Humanities: History & RE) / Joint Partnership Lead – Religious Studies
Mrs Penny WattJoint Partnership Lead – Religious Studies / Head of Department – Religious Studies
Miss Rachel ClayTeacher of RE
Mrs Michelle SmithTrust Associate Education Director (Science / Teaching & Learning) / Head of Department – Science
Mr Willis MisquittaTeacher of Science (with responsibility)
Miss Melissa MooreTeacher of Science (with responsibility) / Head of Nova House (Blue)
Mrs Karlie ClarkTeacher of Science
Miss Emma DavisTeacher of Science
Miss Danielle FullerTeacher of Science / PSHE Lead
Mrs Emma LaweTeacher of Science
Mrs Sarah MooreTeacher of Science
Mr Harry WaldramTeacher of Science
Mr Kian WhelanTeacher of Science
Mrs Susan BarzyckiSenior Science Technician
Mrs Carole WellerAssistant Science Technician
Ms Ged ColesTrust Associate Education Director (Sport & PE)
Mr Michael DugganHead of Department – PE
Mrs Laura GravesTeacher of PE (2nd in Department)
Mr Stuart AireyTeacher of PE
Mrs Sally DonaldsonTeacher of PE / Trust Associate Education Director (Behavioural Standards & Safeguarding)
Mr Giles FavellTeacher of PE / Head of Peake House (Purple)
Mr Zak MuntonTeacher of PE and Mathematics
Miss Jessica PearceTeacher of PE / Head of McLaren House (Red)
Miss Emma RingroseTeacher of PE
Mrs Katherine AblettTeaching Assistant
Mrs Beth BeestonTeaching Assistant
Mrs Cassandra BreedTeaching Assistant
Mrs Jane CarterTeaching Assistant
Amanda ClareTeaching Assistant
Mr Andrew DadswellTeaching Assistant
Miss Jade DeanTeaching Assistant
Mrs Jacqueline FisherTeaching Assistant
Miss Jessica FrenchTeaching Assistant
Mrs Philippa GeorgeTeaching Assistant
Mrs Andrea GreenTeaching Assistant
Mrs Tanya GreenTeaching Assistant
Miss Hilary HandTeaching Assistant
Mrs Emma HerringTeaching Assistant / SEN Admin
Miss Gwenllian HumphreysTeaching Assistant
Mrs Jill HuttonTeaching Assistant
Mrs Jodi LoasbyTeaching Assistant
Nikki MaynardTeaching Assistant
Mrs Donna MidgleyTeaching Assistant
Mr Samuel NewtonTeaching Assistant
Mrs Sally PilgrimTeaching Assistant
Helen RedmanTeaching Assistant
Mrs Michelle RepperTeaching Assistant
Mrs Michaela RussellTeaching Assistant
Mr Paul ShersbyTeaching Assistant
Mrs Manuela Soares HarveyTeaching Assistant
Mr Jake WaltersTeaching Assistant
If you are interested in working for our Trust, visit www.slat.org.uk/vacancies for the latest vacancies or visit www.slat.org.uk/teacher-training for details of teaching training.

Support staff

CLICK HERE for contact details for Safeguarding, Children In Care, SENCo, Prevent Strategy and Children Not Attending School.

Mr Ian BillinghurstTrust Associate Education Director (Behaviour, Pastoral & Safeguarding)
Mrs Sally DonaldsonTrust Associate Education Director (Behavioural Standards & Safeguarding)
Miss Michelle RyanSenior Administrator Safeguarding
Miss Charlotte BerrySafeguarding Support Officer
Mrs Elizabeth LowethSafeguarding Support / Administrator
Mrs Dawn CousinsKey Stage 3 Lead & Transition Manager
Miss Fylippa BennettPastoral Year Lead (Year 7)
Mr Harry HigginsPastoral Year Lead (Year 8)
Mrs Betsy GrattonPastoral Year Lead (Year 9)
Mrs Sharon CaressPastoral Year Lead (Year 10)
Ms Mihaela LamminPastoral Year Lead (Year 11)
Ms Kate TilbrookPastoral Support Officer
Mr David KnightStudent Referral Unit (SRU) Manager
Mrs Sharon PapanicolaouMedical Assistant
Mrs Karen JoelTrust Head SEND
Mrs Dawne PearsonSEND Lead
Mrs Marie WoodsSEN Manager
Mrs Emma HerringTeaching Assistant / SEN Administrator
Mrs Joanne NiblockSEN Administrator
Mrs Kay MooreStudent Support Manager
Mrs Daniela StaffuzzaLead of EAL
For the full list of Teaching Assistants, see the Teaching Staff section above.

CLICK HERE for further information about the House System.

Mr Liam OliverHead of Holland House (Yellow) / Teacher of Mathematics
Mr Colin KellyHead of Johnson House (Orange) / Teacher of English
Miss Jessica PearceHead of McLaren House (Red) / Teacher of PE
Miss Melissa MooreHead of Nova House (Blue) / Teacher of Science (with responsibility)
Mr Giles FavellHead of Peake House (Purple) / Teacher of PE
Mr Matt HornerHead of Trinity House (Green) / Teacher of Performing Arts
Mrs Libby BarberSLAT Careers & Aspirations Lead
Miss Sam GrantCareers & Student Progression Coordinator
Mrs Wendy PlantLibrarian
Mrs Nicola MarksAttendance & Admissions Officer
Mrs Caroline GarbuttExams Officer / Operations Support
Mrs Joanna NiblockExamination Access Arrangements
Mrs Julie CorbySLAT SIMS & Data Manager
Mrs Susan PuniSIMS & Data Progress Coordinator
Mrs Naomi BrunsdenCover Supervisor
Mrs Lisa MurrayCover Coordinator
Mrs Maxine SharpeAdministrator – Admissions
Miss Amy GottAdministrator – Exams / Data
Ms Catherine BriggsAdministrator – Reception
Vicky MossAdministrator – Reception
Miss Vanessa WeekesSLAT Director of Human Resources
Mrs Jayne SimpsonHuman Resources Officer
Mrs Sally EshelbyChief Financial Officer
Mrs Janice PurdyFinance Administrator
Mr Radford HudsonSLAT Marketing & Communications Manager
Mr Alex RoffeChief Operating Officer
Mr Martin LeggottSLAT Director of ICT Infrastructure
Mrs Charlotte MaguireSLAT Senior IT Technician
Mr Jack CannApprentice – IT
Mr Lucas EarlApprentice – IT
Mr Khalid HussainPremises Manager
Mr Gary DarleyAssistant Premises Officer
Mr Robert CookAssistant Premises Officer
Mr Stewart ScruppsSLAT Director of Catering
Mr Tony BurseyCatering Manager
Mrs Audrey HiseeCatering Assistant
Mrs Angela FisherCatering Assistant
Mrs Linsey GrattonCatering Assistant
Miss Rachel HalgarthCatering Assistant
Mrs Alisha TownsendCatering Assistant
Ms Tracey WatersCatering Assistant
Mrs Debbie AndrewUniform Shop Coordinator
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