Art Competition Results

Art Competition Results

Prizes will be sent out in the post to our lucky winners

Overall Winners

1st – Sophia Fry Year 9 Bourne Academy – Luxury art Pack

2nd – Jacob Pawlett Year 7 Bourne Academy – Luxury Art Pack

Joint 3rd – Yang Qiu, Year 9, Spalding Academy – Luxury Art Pack

Joint 3rd – Emily Gedney, Year 8, Giles Academy – Luxury Art Pack

Bourne Academy

1st –Erin Grainger, Year 9 – Luxury Art Pack

2nd – Lucy Cooper, Year 8 – Art Pack

Joint 3rd – Freya Spriggs, Year 7 – Art Pack

Joint 3rd – Andre Ubaviciute, Year 11 – Art Pack

Spalding Academy

1st  – Millie Burton, Year 7 – Luxury Art Pack

2nd – Nicole Kosinska, Year 7 – Art Pack

3rd – Gemma Pacca, Year 8 – Art Pack

Giles Academy

1st  – Kamila Dauksaite, Year 8 – Luxury Art Pack

2nd – Bethany Davies, Year 10 – Art Pack

3rd – Kian Imeraj, Year 8 – Art Pack

Feeder Primaries

Joint 1st – Ariana Smith, Bourne Abbey Academy Primary – Luxury Art Pack

Joint 1st – Evie Grimwood, Malcolm Sargent Primary School – Luxury Art Pack

Joint 2nd – Lily Everett, Year 6, Thurlby Primary School – Art Pack

Joint 2nd – James Thomas, Year 6 Langtoft Primary – Art Pack

Joint 3rd – Jack Hammond, Langtoft Primary School – Art Pack

Joint 3rd – Megan Goddard, Bourne Abbey Primary School – Art Pack

Staff and Parents

1st Mrs Claire Abel parent of Lisa and Ryan – Luxury Chocolates

2nd – Victoria Jackson, parent of Lewis and Grace – Chocolates

3rd – Mrs Lawson, Bourne Academy – Chocolates

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