ASPIRE Passport inspires students to Aspire, Challenge and Achieve

ASPIRE Passport inspires students to Aspire, Challenge and Achieve

One the initiatives we launched at the start of this term for students in Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 was the ASPIRE Passports. Every student received a booklet (which matches the colour of their school tie) packed full of challenges they can choose to complete over the academic year in order to receive recognition and rewards at school.

The challenges were designed with all students in mind so every student in the school can complete and we expect every student to achieve at least one award. If students are unable to complete a challenge due to personal circumstances, an alternative challenge can be set by a member of staff.

There are three awards for students to achieve – Bronze, Silver and Gold, which get more challenging as they complete the levels.

  • BRONZE: students must complete 15 or more Bronze challenges (there are 20 challenges to choose from)
  • SILVER: students complete 10 or more Silver challenges (there are 15 challenges to choose from)
  • GOLD: students complete 6 or more Gold challenges (there are 10 challenges to choose from)

There are a diverse range of challenges to encourage students to learn new skills, help them out of their comfort zone, work with teachers and their family, but ultimately be enjoyable.

Pictured above is Sophia Chauhan in Year 7 who is looking forward to achieve her Bronze Award by regularly attending extra-curricular clubs, completing Accelerated Reader quizzes and making her family a meal. Her sister, Nisha Chauhan in Year 8 likes to be involved in the school so has helped at an Open Evening, participated in a House competition and will be involved in a school production. Finally, Oli Billinghurst in Year 9 is learning a different language to count up 20, design and new brand logo as well as being involved in House competitions.

We have been very impressed with how students have engaged with this initiative and that some students have already achieve the Bronze award. These students will receive their Bronze metal badges and certificates during Term 2.

Below are the ASPIRE Passports for Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9:

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