Science Department run a host of activities for British Science Week

Science Department run a host of activities for British Science Week

British Science Week is a ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths that takes place in March each year. This provided the perfect excuse for our Science Department to take part and create a host of practical activities to get our students involved.

To kick the week off, Year 7 had special lessons on the human exploration of Mars with annual event run by the European Space Agency and ESERO-UK. This took place on 4th March, which as ‘Mars Day’ and students learnt about different rovers that have been sent to study the Martian surface and the search for evidence of life on the planet. They then designed and made their own pulley systems that could collect soil samples on Mars, before analysing different soil samples for evidence of life.

Last week, we held a popular Science Fair during lunchtime, which was open to students from all years to attend. This is where our Science Club students could demonstrate a variety of fun experiments that they have carried out so far as these were all experiments that are unlikely to be seen in normal Science lessons. Our students particularly enjoying setting some of their teachers on fire with methane bubbles! They were also able to learn about how fireworks get their colour using different chlorides, how to make a mini lava lamp using vegetable oil and Alka-Seltzer plus how chemicals are used to create different fragrances.

Throughout this term, we have run a poster competition around the theme of ‘Time’ for Key Stage 3 students, where the best entries will be submitted to a national competition. We have had some excellent entries so far and the competition closes this week.

All of the activities have been plenty of fun for staff and students, plus it has been great to see how engaged and inspired the students have been. Well done to everyone who participated and made British Science Week a massive success.

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