Eco Club plant fifteen trees to create long-lasting legacy

Eco Club plant fifteen trees to create long-lasting legacy

Our ‘award-winning’ Eco Club, run by the Geography department have launched another new initiative at the school, where students have planted fifteen saplings on the grounds of the school field.

This educational project has been made available through donations made by the Woodland Trust as a meaningful way to commemorate the King’s Coronation.

The planting of the trees took place after school on Friday last week and students from the Eco Club were assisted by Mr Jolley, Mrs Bowler, Miss Wilshire and Miss O’Shea.

Three different varieties of tree saplings were provided by the Woodland Trust, which were Crab Apple, Hazel and Rowan. Once fully matured, the species can grow between 5 to 15 metres tall and this was taken into careful consideration when planting.

In order to protect to trees, students re-used/recycled plastic protection and will eventually replace these with protective sleeves. As part of the project, students will regularly check on the progress of our trees to ensure they become a long-lasting legacy at the school.

If students are interested in joining the Eco Club to make a positive difference to the school and the planet, the club always welcome new members. The club meets every Tuesday lunchtime in room L3 and students can speak to Mr Jolley in the Geography department if they want to find out more.

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