Mars Day explores how to find out if there is life on Mars

Mars Day explores how to find out if there is life on Mars

To celebrate ‘Mars Day’ this month, our Year 7 students took part a series of practical Science activities to test their problem solving techniques and teamwork as well as learning about Mars.

Scientists are currently looking for evidence and signs of life and water on Mars as it is one of the planets in our Solar System where humans could visit and potentially live in the future. It is amazing to think that the research being undertaken now will potentially help future generations live on different planets.

In order to explore Mars, there are now three Mars Rovers on the planet which are exploring the surface for life and drilling two metres below the surface of Mars to collect samples to bring back to Earth.

To replicate this, our students devised and created their very own pulley systems to collect soil samples across the surface and then looked at these samples in detail under the microscope.

All of the groups demonstrated real creativity as they came up with different designs and ways in which the Mars Rovers could collect soil samples.

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