Kin-Ball Festival introduces a new team sport to get active

Kin-Ball Festival introduces a new team sport to get active

During the last week of term, Spalding Academy had a team of five Year 7 students represent the school at the first ever Kin-Ball Festival involving four local schools, which included Bourne Academy, Giles Academy and the event hosts University Academy Long Sutton. The festival was organised by School Games with the objective to increase competition, participation and leadership in sport.

Kin-Ball is a relatively new sport, which originated from Canada where three teams of four players compete against each other at the same time to try and keep a giant ball (measuring 1.2 metres) off the floor! The objective of the game is to score the most amount of points by not letting the ball touch the ground. It is a great game to get students active, work as a team and most of all having fun!

Mr Michael Duggan, Head of PE at Spalding Academy said: “It was brilliant to see students that don’t always get the opportunity to represent the school having lots of fun and working so well together. They quickly learnt the basic skills and rules of the game is a short space of time to be able to play friendly games against the other schools. Well done to all the students involved who worked really hard throughout the day and a special thanks to Rupert Gibson from Agilitas Sports as part of School Games, University Academy Long Sutton for hosting the event and the Junior Sports Programme for the loan of the Kin-Ball equipment.”

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