Mrs Herring receives a surprise call from BBC Radio Lincolnshire

Mrs Herring receives a surprise call from the BBC Radio Lincolnshire Breakfast Show

After working at Spalding Academy for 34 years, our receptionist Mrs Herring had probably answered every type of phonecall at the school. But last week, she received a surprise call from Sean Dunderdale who is the presenter of the BBC Radio Lincolnshire Breakfast Show.

In a new section on the Breakfast Show, they want to celebrate the unsung heroes in the community. Our students and their parents sing the praises of our teachers, but they also sing the praises of our other staff as well.

The BBC discovered that Mrs Herring had been receiving lots of glowing comments on a local Facebook group about how helpful and supportive she is. Many parents remember Mrs Herring from when they were students at the school and now their own children attend the same school – they wanted to say how grateful they are.

In the surprise call to Mrs Herring, the BBC breakfast presenter interviewed Sue about her time at the school and played comments from parents such as:

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you for always being so happy and cheery and going above an beyond for all the children and the parents. And despite ending up with a sweaty teenager, you were more than happy to do and find my son’s coat for the second time this year. Thanks again and keep doing what you’re doing as you’re doing a great job. Every school needs a Mrs Herring!”

We are really proud that Mrs Herring’s dedication to the school is recognised by our parents and students.

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