Parent feedback and comments from the recent annual survey

Parent feedback and comments from the recent annual survey

In the autumn term, the South Lincolnshire Academies Trust conducted an annual survey with students, parents and staff from all three schools who are part of our Trust. We had an overwhelming response with 1,390 students, 563 parents and 278 staff giving their feedback, which was completely anonymous.

From this we can identify where we need to make improvements but this also gives us an indication of how you think we are doing.

As you have taken your time to give us your feedback, we wanted to share with you some of the results and comments from parents that were specific to Spalding Academy.

Parents results

93% – My child feels safe at Spalding Academy

93% – I feel my child is doing well at Spalding Academy

92% – My child is happy at Spalding Academy

Parents comments

“Since transitioning in April this year, the transformation in my daughter has been incredible. She has gone from receiving extra support for severe shyness to being a confident learner, having solid friendships and excelling in areas she has always found difficult. Being offered house captain has boosted her confidence so much. When asked what’s the biggest difference between schools she said “The teachers – it’s like they really care and teach properly.” It was difficult moving schools mid Covid, however the transitional support staff were exceptional and made sure we had everything organised in record timing. The boundaries and expectations are clear and the school is welcoming but with a no nonsense aura about it. I genuinely couldn’t have asked for any more for my little lady.”

“There is a very strong pastoral team and I like the fact my son has a nice and approachable Head of Year.”

“The ‘Show My Homework’ app is great as my child gets direct feedback from the teacher.”

“My child has been made to feel valued and happy as well as feels his opinions matter, which is important as he never felt that in primary school.”

“Children seem to be inspired to do well and I believe the school is standing out as the school of choice in the area.”

“The Transition Week in the summer holidays was really good as it helped my son settle into school.”

“I like the way the form class setup works as my son feels like he has someone he can go to with an questions or concerns he has.”

“The school is offering a fantastic reward and discipline scheme, which really motivates the children to do well.”

“Spalding Academy is very good at giving a child every opportunity to have an outstanding education.”

“The school has supported my daughter exceptionally well during the pandemic. I have children going to other schools in the area and this school sits well above the rest.”

“My daughter has transformed from a child into a young lady in the short time she has been with you. Great work.”

The SENCo and Safeguarding Team are amazing and put lots in place to support children and their families.”

“I like that there is discipline and rules and this is teaching our kids that they need to follow the rules. I’ve seen a big improvement in my son’s behaviour at home.”

“Communication between school and parents is clear and timely.”

“The points system seems to really be working with my daughter and for the first time we see her excited about achieving her best.”

“The access for parents to the ‘Show My Homework’ app is excellent as I know my child’s timetable, behaviour points and homework.”

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