Prefect Reward Breakfast

Prefect Reward Breakfast

We are always fortunate at Spalding Academy to have so many willing students who want to become Prefects. To become a Prefect, we always consider excellent attendance, behaviour and attitude to learning in lessons and we recognise those students who have made an improvement.

To say thank you to both our new and current Prefects, we hold a ‘Prefect Breakfast’ where students can socialise and enjoy a free breakfast from the canteen, then our new Prefects receive a special Prefect tie and badge.

The year 11 Prefects at our school play an important role as mentors and setting a good example to other students in the school. They play a pivotal part by assisting at school events as well as day-to-day duties of monitoring lunchtimes to support staff. For our younger students, the Prefects can really help them in their transition into a new school.

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