Rapid Plus programme launched to improve reading ages

Rapid Plus programme launched across the Trust to improve reading ages

Our school is passionate about reading and the benefits that confident reading brings. This is why, this term, the SLAT Trust have invested in and introduced the new ‘Rapid Plus’ initiative – an innovative reading programme designed to improve the reading ages of those students taking part.

We already have thirty staff from across the Trust delivering the ‘Rapid Plus’ programme to 123 students in years 7 to 9 who are all benefitting from taking part.

Judging from the feedback from our staff, we can tell both the students and staff are enjoying it after just the first week.

I did my first session today and the students loved it. They were asking for more words to be spelt together and they happily read a page each. I really enjoyed it and at the end they were asking for more questions and more spelling.

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We got the reading scheme started at lunchtime today and was brilliant! It was so lovely to listen to them reading and discuss the themes and characters with them. I think it will be a really worthwhile programme.

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I think it went really well, they were shy to read to begin with and then their confidence grew. They could tell me what sections of the text meant in their own words. I enjoyed it!

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The students worked hard – I really like the interactive questioning that goes with each story. We managed to complete one story and the four sections for interactive questioning. We had a couple of the ‘Quiz page’ questions to finish off in the book.

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The book was definitely the right level for the group and we easily read the first half and talked through questions in the time. I think the story was age appropriate and easy to read – engagement levels were high.

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