Sports Relief 2020

On Friday 13th March all students in will be allowed to wear non-school uniform as part of a whole school fund raising event for Sport Relief. Students are encouraged to wear sports attire on this day.

All students in will be allowed to wear non-uniform but please note the list of dress restrictions below:-

  • No dye or coloured spray in hair or extreme hairstyles

·  No tops with offensive logos

·  No ripped clothes including ripped jeans

  • No excessive make-up or jewellery

·  No low-cut necklines

  • No short skirts

·  No midriffs showing

  • No shorts

·  No hats

  • No short/crop/strappy tops

·  No heeled shoes/flip-flops

If you or your child has any queries with regards to what can and cannot be worn on this fund-raising day please contact your child’s form tutor directly.

All students have to bring their full equipment with them on this day, including their full and correct PE kit, and should also ensure that they bring their strike card, planner, locker key and timetable with them otherwise a period 6 may be issued.

There will be a £1 charge for every student wearing non-uniform. If your child does not wish to pay £1 they MUST attend school in their normal, and full, school uniform.

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