Stand Against Violence assembly focuses on reducing knife crime

Stand Against Violence assembly focuses on reducing knife crime

The main age group involved in violent crime are 16 to 24 year olds and nationally there were over 80,000 cases of ‘reported’ knife crimes in the last 12 months.

None of us would ever want one of our students to be involved in, or be a victim of violence or knife crime, which is why we arranged for Mr David Foster from Stand Against Violence to deliver an assembly for Year 10 as part of our PSHE programme.

The assembly featured hard-hitting content based on true stories to help our students understand the consequences of their actions and minimise the risk of ever being involved, by equipping them with the skills needed to handle and avoid potentially violent situations.

Students learnt that they are three times more likely to be stabbed if they carry a knife even if they never have any intention of using it, as by merely carrying it puts themselves in a dangerous situation. Knowing that no place on the body is safe to be cut or stabbed as can result in a loss of life should make anyone think again. It is not just the victim who suffers, but the families and friends of everyone involved.

Stand Against Violence is a national charity founded in 2005 after the death of a young person in an unprovoked attack. They have vast experience of speaking to young people with the aim of give them a better chance to live without experiencing violence.

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