Spalding Academy is officially in the top 25% for attendance

Spalding Academy is officially in the top 25% for attendance

We place great importance on attendance to school as it is not only important for academic progress but also for the wellbeing of students.

It is because of this, that we are immensely proud to share that Spalding Academy has been officially recognised for having excellent attendance and were awarded for being in the top 25% of secondary schools for attendance in the Autumn Term 2023-24.

To thank students in Years 7 to 11 who achieve 100% attendance, each term we reward them with a free snack and drink during the morning break.

Overall school attendance at Spalding Academy is consistently above the national average, but we still want to improve this further as research shows that students with under 90% attendance can drop a full GCSE grade across all subjects. This is why we place such high importance that students should attend school every day.

We would like to thank all our parents for their continued efforts in supporting students so they can attend school.

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