‘We Will Remember Them’ poppy display created by students

‘We Will Remember Them’ poppy display created by students

The History department and the students at Spalding Academy have worked together to honour Remembrance by creating a special display of poppies, poems and sculptures.

To represent the fallen and veterans of all conflicts, students have created the outline of a man made out of poppies, then to remember all the fallen animals that have taken part in conflicts, these animals are represented by purple poppies in the shape of a horse and the silhouette of a dog laying at the soldier’s feet.

Also, on display is a grave stone as a symbol of remembrance for all those lost from war and a handmade wedding dress to signify all the love alongside the growth of families and friendships created during war.

The Poppy display has made a real impact on the students and staff of Spalding Academy with memories being shared, learnt and recalled not only during school time but at home as well. The differences in culture and country have also been explored by students who have included information from their home nations, including Lithuania and Poland.

Many students took part in the creation of the display from drawing their interpretations of scenes of war, colouring in poppies to writing poems about war as well as finding out about their own connections to war.

On Thursday 11th November, the whole school will honour Armistice Day with a minute’s silence during the school day at 11am and cadets from Air, Army, Fire and Police will also wear their uniforms on the day.

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